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Advantages of Using No-cutting Processing Method for Hydraulic Cylinders and Solutions to Damage

Hydraulic cylinder is used to convert the working pressure energy of hydraulic oil into mechanical kinetic energy, just like an oil motor, it is also a kind of subjective factor of fluid. The oil motor is used to complete the rotation of mechanical equipment, and the hydraulic cylinder such as crane boom hydraulic cylinders is an energy conversion device used to drive the actuator to perform reciprocating uniform linear motion or shaking fitness exercise.

1. Advantages of using no-cutting processing methods for hydraulic cylinders

The key components of hydraulic cylinders are hydraulic cylinder head, hydraulic cylinder head, hydraulic cylinder simplicity, piston rod, hydraulic cylinder, guide post, hydraulic seal and support rod. Hydraulic cylinder heads and hydraulic cylinder heads are generally made of rolled steel or pig iron.

1) Improve the non-smooth level in an all-round way, so that the surface layer is not easy to be damaged and deviated.

2) The concentricity can be adjusted very well.

3) It can improve the strength of the surface layer of the product very well, and can prevent the deformation caused by various bearing forces very well.

4) It can greatly improve the fatigue limit of the product and improve its full play.

5) It can greatly improve the quality of mutual cooperation of products, which can greatly increase the use time and service life of related parts.

2. How to adjust the hydraulic cylinder after damage?

1) Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers solve the problem of hydraulic cylinder outline

Critical cleaning and sanding polishing. Use cotton wool dipped in toluene or industrial ethanol to clean and polish the scratched position. When the hydraulic cylinder manufacturer grinds and polishes the hydraulic cylinder, first grind and polish some of the pinched positions that have passed the reference point to the following reference point, in order to prevent the plunger pump from being scratched again, and then use a brocade file to take out the oil stains and dirt in the scratched pipe groove, and use a rotary file to brush the scratched surfaces of all personnel.

2) The stainless steel hydraulic cylinders manufacturers wipe the material for the hydraulic cylinder

Wipe the well-proportioned 2211F to the outside of the scratch; one layer should be thin, even and cover the scratched surface, so as to better bond the appearance of the access material and the metal material, and then apply the material to all changed positions and press it again and again. Fill the raw materials of the manhole and achieve the required thickness to make it slightly higher than the appearance of the inner cavity of the hydraulic cylinder liner.

3) Dry and solid

At 24°C, it can fully reach various compliance requirements for 24 hours. In order to better waste time, hydraulic cylinder manufacturers have to pass the temperature of halogen tungsten lamps. Every time the temperature increases by 11°C, it will shrink by half when it is dry. The preferred drying temperature is 70°C.

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