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Buffering Equipment of Hydraulic Cylinder and Analysis of Restoration Work

Ⅰ. Why do hydraulic cylinders have buffering equipment?

When the quality of the hydraulic cylinder is large or the load is large, and the fitness movement rate is high, because the moment of inertia is large, it has a very large angular momentum.

Under such conditions, when reciprocating to the terminal equipment of the cylinder liner, it will collide with the bearing end cover, causing a very large impact and noise, seriously jeopardizing the machining accuracy, and even causing a devastating safety accident? Therefore, in large and medium-sized, high-speed or high-precision hydraulic machinery, cache equipment is often set up. The purpose is to expand the frictional resistance of the pump oil when the piston rod is close to the terminal equipment, thereby reducing the fitness movement rate of the fitness sports parts and preventing the collision of hydraulic pressure. 

Ⅱ. How to restore the hydraulic cylinder?

1. Bake the scratched position with an oxygen-acetylene gas flame, bake out the oil that has penetrated into the metal surface for a long time, and bake it until no sparks are scattered.

2. Treat the scratched position with the metal surface of the polishing machine, grind and polish the depth above 1mm, and polish and polish the pipe groove along the slide rail, try to dovetail groove as much as possible. The holes on both sides of the scratch are aggravated, and the bearing capacity is changed.

3. Clean the surface with cotton wool dipped in toluene or industrial ethanol.

4. Wipe the blended and evenly restored raw materials to the scratched surface; the first layer should be thin, well-proportioned, and cover all scratched surfaces to ensure good adhesion between the raw materials and the metal surface, and then apply the raw materials to all the restored positions. Press lightly to ensure that the raw material is filled and made to the required thickness, so that it is slightly higher than the surface of the slide rail.

5. It takes 24 hours for the raw materials of the hydraulic cylinder to fully achieve various characteristics at 24°C. In order to better save time and effort, the temperature can be increased according to the halogen tungsten lamp. For every 11°C increase in temperature, the drying time will be reduced by half. Solid temperature 70 ℃.

6. After the raw materials are dried and solidified, use a fine terrazzo or scraper to restore and level the raw materials higher than the surface of the slide rail, and the construction is over.

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