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Carbon Alloy Forgings Industry in China

Modern forging industry in Europe and the United States and other developed countries have a history of hundreds of years, advanced forging technology and forging technology has been monopolized by Germany, the United States, Japan and Russia and other countries. China's forging industry started later than developed countries, many key free forging products are mostly dependent on imports, but with the improvement of economic development, exchange opportunities with foreign countries increased, China's forging technology and technology level progress very fast, many products have been domestic, some products have been exported abroad, and can compete with similar products in developed countries.

With the development of economy and the progress of equipment manufacturing industry, China's carbon alloy hot forging manufacturers has ushered in a new period of rapid development.

In recent years, the technical level of carbon alloy forgings in China has achieved many achievements, new materials, new forging process, electronic technology, computer technology, high-precision processing technology, measurement technology, heating and cooling technology, automation technology and so on have greatly improved, but compared with developed countries there is still a big gap. High energy consumption and high pollution in production and processing are still prominent. Reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment is the biggest problem in the development of enterprises, and extensive production and processing is difficult to maintain.

With the country becoming a manufacturing country and industrial structure adjustment, the overall trend of technological upgrading and transformation, carbon alloy forging manufacturing is the basic industry of manufacturing industry, should be ahead. Advanced plastic molding technology, especially the physical research of material plastic deformation characteristics, high alloying of difficult deformation alloys, ingot slabs and other forgings, equipment is to digital, automated, precision direction of development.

The development of cold forging technology in forging precision molding has its unique advantages, the technology than warm forging and hot forging technology requirements are higher, the product market has a great competitive advantage.