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Common Problems and Maintenance of Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are mainly made of cylinder liner and cylinder head, piston rod and hydraulic cylinder, sealing equipment, cache equipment, and gas-liquid separator. The cache device and gas-liquid separator depend on the actual application, while other equipment is necessary. So, let's learn about the common problems and maintenance of hydraulic cylinders.

1. Oil seeps out of the sealing position of the hydraulic cylinder liner and cylinder head.

Solution: Replace a new O-ring.

2. Oil seeps out of the hydraulic cylinder and the relative speed area of the guiding surface.

Solution: If the hydraulic cylinder components is damaged, you can clean it with gasoline. When it is dry, wipe it with metal glue at the damaged place. Then, use the hydraulic cylinder skeleton to seal on the hydraulic cylinder to move back and forth and scrape off unnecessary glue. After the glue is completely dry and solid, it can be used. If the guiding sleeve is damaged, a slightly smaller inner diameter can be produced and processed to replace the guiding sleeve.

3. Hydraulic cylinders' three-way joint is not sealed tightly, which leads oil to seep.

Solution: In addition to checking the sealing status of the sealing ring, it should also check whether the hydraulic cylinder connecting head is properly installed, and we need to check for the tightness and scars on its surface. Finally, we need to remove or repair it if necessary.

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