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Forging Production Process 1

Forging production process to forging plastic deformation as the core, by a series of processing processes. 

(1)The pre-forging and deformation operations are mainly materialand and heating operations.

The raw materialing process prepares the original blank according to the specification syme required for hot forging products, and if necessary, the original blank is treated with rust removal, de-surface defects, anti-oxidation and lubrication, etc., and the heating process is heated according to the heating temperature and production beat required by the forging deformation. 

(2) Forging deformation process in various forging equipment for plastic deformation of the blanks, to complete the forging internal and external basic quality requirements.The process may include several operations. 

(3) After forging deformation process forging deformation, followed by the cooling process of forging. Then, in order to supplement the lack of pre-process, so that forgings fully meet the requirements of the forging product map, also need to carry out: cut edge punch (on forging mold), heat treatment, correction, surface cleaning and other series of operations.

Sometimes, the forging cooling is tightly combined with the heat treatment process to obtain specific forging tissue performance. Quality inspection is carried out between processes and before forgings are shipped.

The inspection items include the collection shape size, surface quality, gold phase organization and mechanical properties, etc., which are determined according to the requirements of the semi-finished product syme and forgings between processes. The essence of forging forming is to exert external force sofe on the blank through a tool or mold, the blank absorbs mechanical energy, the internal pressure state distribution changes, the displacement and deformation flow of the material mass, and for hot forging, the blank also absorbs heat due to heating, and the corresponding temperature distribution changes are generated internally. Driven by force and heat, the blanks produce changes in the size of the appearance shape and the performance of the internal tissue.