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Forging Tool

Forging mold is an important equipment for the realization of die forging process and is a branch of the mold category with a long history.

Due to the complexity of the forging process, the corresponding forging molds have the following technical characteristics: (1) Multi-work step forming, complex structure. Metal forging forming is a volume form, difficult to achieve one-step forming, need to be deformed many times, complex forgings forming steps up to 12 steps。

Therefore, a set of forging molds is also often composed of 10 pairs or more of the sub-molds. (2) high temperature, heavy load, poor working conditions. Metal forming temperature is from 450 degrees C (non-ferrous metal) to 1,300 degrees C (steel material), and the surface temperature of mold cavity can reach 300 degrees C to 750 degrees C.