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Hot Forging Products and Target Markets

Because the workpiece processed by hot forging has the characteristics of high strength and excellent durability, hot forging is usually suitable for situations where the quality of workpiece is required. Therefore, the automobile industry and aerospace industry are the main target markets for hot forgings.

1. The Automobile Industry

Hot forging process of forged steel parts is very common in traditional automobile industry. However, with the development trend of automobile lightweight, hot forging of aluminum alloy has gradually entered the market, but magnesium alloy is rare. Here are some typical hot forging products in the automobile industry:

Engine components: piston, connecting rod, cam, camshaft, crankshaft, valve, distributor housing and balance shaft.

Driving gears: all kinds of pinions, synchronous rings, continuously variable transmissions, etc.

Powertrain: flange yoke, pin holder, hub, transmission shaft, universal joint and connecting plate.

Chassis: wheel carrier, journal, pivot bearing, bearing bush, ball head, steering rod, front bridge, Y fork, etc.

Brake system: brake disc, brake frame, brake cylinder and brake handle.

2. Aerospace Industry

Application of forgings in aerospace:

(1) Fuselage components: engine room doors, wings, window frames and other accessories.

(2) Turbine blades, thrust cones, control panels and control rods of the engine.

(3) Tail guide rail and its accessories.

(4) Landing gear: bracket and some fasteners.

(5) Rotor system: system accessories, rotor hub, gearbox cover, etc.

(6) Hot forgings in aerospace field are usually made of high-strength materials with high temperature resistance, such as nickel base and titanium alloy.