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How to Choose a Double Acting Multi-stage Hydraulic Cylinder Seal?

Double-acting multi-stage hydraulic cylinder seals are most often single-acting. Hebei Golden-hammer forgings here to tell you: Cylinder extends out in sequence at all stages of oil supply. When it is not supplied with oil, under load or dead weight, the cylinder in each stage retracts in turn. The advantages of the double-acting multi-stage hydraulic cylinder seal, such as small space requirements on the host computer, make the range of action of double-acting multi-stage hydraulic cylinder seals more and more extensive, and the number of more and more. We are professionals on how to buy double acting multi-stage hydraulic cylinder seals.



Typical structural plan of a double-acting multi stage hydraulic cylinder seal


So, what are the main things we need to do in the selection of double-acting multi stage hydraulic cylinder seals?


Double-acting multi-stage hydraulic cylinder seals, in addition to the different media (environment and occasions) to choose the seal material, but also according to the specific structure of the hydraulic cylinder to choose rubber seals. Generally speaking, there are lip type seals such as Y-ring, and U-ring. The shaft combination seal (i.e. Glèring) has the characteristics of large radial size and small axial size. Therefore, rubber seals should be used according to the characteristics and specific size of different seals, rather than forcing a uniform sealing form.