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Inspection and Maintenance of Hydraulic Cylinders

1. The hydraulic cylinder should be removed and replaced on time during the entire application process, and the system software filter should be cleaned to ensure cleanliness and increase the service life.

2. In each application of the hydraulic power cylinder, it is necessary to carry out a full-extension and full-retraction test run for five stroke arrangements before load operation. That way, the gas in the system software can be evacuated and the parts of the system can be heated. It can reasonably prevent the gas or water from being stored in the system software.

3. The hydraulic cylinder should control the system temperature well. Too high water temperature reduces the service life of hydraulic seals. Long-term high water temperature causes permanent deformation of the hydraulic seals, and even completely ineffective.

4. Safely protect the outer surface of the hydraulic cylinder to avoid damage to the hydraulic seals caused by bumps and scratches. Always clear the dust ring of the hydraulic cylinder and the fine sand on the exposed hydraulic cylinder to avoid sticking to the hydraulic cylinder. On the surface, waste that is not easy to remove enters the cylinder to damage the piston rod, cylinder liner or hydraulic seal.

5. The hydraulic cylinder should always check the connection positions of the external threads, anchor bolts, etc., and tighten them as soon as they are loose.

6. The hydraulic cylinder should always lubricate the connection position to avoid rust or abnormal wear of the diaphragm vacuum pump.