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Installation Method of Hydraulic Cylinder Sealing Ring and Regulations on Installation Site and Equipment

Ⅰ. Installation method of hydraulic cylinder sealing ring

1. In order to better prevent oil leakage due to the distorted shape, when installing the O-ring, it is not necessary to drag it to the level of deformation, and it is not necessary to turn over the suit.

2. If the sealing equipment cooperates with the drag surface, the hydraulic cylinder should be coated with appropriate gear oil during installation.

3. The O-ring and dust-proof ring should be replaced after disassembly.

4. When the hydraulic cylinder end cap is connected to the main machine, add a sealing ring in the middle of the oil inlet and outlet connection and tighten it well to prevent oil leakage.

Ⅱ. What regulations does the hydraulic cylinder have on the installation site and machinery and equipment?

The characteristics of the hydraulic cylinder are that the unloading equipment has a simple structure, one unloading inlet, no other parts, it is not easy to cause common failures, and the work is stable; the cross-section of the unloading oil is centralized, the viscosity of the gear oil is higher, and it is not easy to block, so that the piston rod and cylinder can work normally.

The installation should be carried out in the relevant work center or installation area, the temperature should be maintained at 20~250℃, the air outlet, smoke, drilling operation area should be eliminated, fresh air, no dust, no noise; to prevent strong light exposure. The installation room should be equipped with installation service platforms and fixtures, installation turnover vehicles, hoisting and hoisting machinery and related basic machinery and equipment.

In addition to practical tools, the hydraulic cylinder motor installation and production workshop should be equipped with some special tools such as torque wrenches, plumb or copper hammers, copper rods, nylon rods, electric heating pans, hot air guns, etc. Lifting slings should be used as far as possible in the installation room, without galvanized steel wire rope or fine hemp rope.