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Maintenance Analysis of Hydraulic Cylinders

Ⅰ. How to maintain the hydraulic cylinder?

Because the hydraulic cylinder has to bear a very large gas pressure, the heavier the load, the greater its gas pressure will be. Therefore, doing a good job in the maintenance of the hydraulic cylinder is a key part of the maintenance of the entire hydraulic transmission system. The custom made hydraulic cylinders are equivalent to the cardiovascular system of the hydraulic transmission system, and the cardiovascular problems are difficult to repair. Therefore, the maintenance of the hydraulic cylinder should be careful and meticulous.

1. Anti-rust treatment. Since part of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder needs to extend out of the hydraulic cylinder during operation, it will of course be corroded by metal oxides and acid gases, so we should coat it with appropriate vegetable grease for maintenance to prevent the piston rod as a load-bearing member from being corroded and likely to break during work.

2. Unpack and change the oil. Due to long-term application, it is inevitable that dirt will enter the hydraulic cylinder, which will cause increased friction during application. In addition, gear oil also has a certain service life. If the oil is not changed for a long time, it will damage or corrode the hydraulic pressure. 

Ⅱ. The hydraulic cylinder maintenance method

1. During the entire application process of the hydraulic cylinder, the gear oil should be replaced on time, and the system software filter should be cleaned to ensure cleanliness and increase the service life.

2. Control the temperature of the system. If the water temperature is too high, the service life of the hydraulic seal will be reduced. The long-term high water temperature will cause the hydraulic seal to be permanently deformed or even invalid. After long-term use, it will damage the inner cavity of the hydraulic cylinder and cause the hydraulic cylinder to It cannot be overhauled again. If a heat-resistant hydraulic cylinder is necessary, it is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer in advance. The manufacturer may customize the heat-resistant hydraulic cylinder.

3. Safely protect the outer layer of the hydraulic cylinder to avoid the damage to the hydraulic seal caused by bumps and scratches, and often remove the position of the dynamic sealing dust ring of the hydraulic cylinder and the fine sand or iron filings on the exposed hydraulic cylinder to avoid sticking. Dirt that is not easy to remove on the surface of the hydraulic cylinder can get into the hydraulic cylinder and damage the piston rod, cylinder liner or hydraulic seals.

4. Always check the connection positions of external threads and anchor bolts, and tighten them immediately if they are loose. Otherwise, after the screws are loose, it will cause oil leakage of the hydraulic cylinder or bending of the hydraulic cylinder pivot.

5. Always lubricate the connection position to avoid rust or abnormal wear in the case of the diaphragm vacuum pump.

Hydraulic cylinder, as an implementation component in the hydraulic transmission system, can convert the driving force of the hydraulic press into a device for the load rate of mechanical equipment. It can be used to complete the reciprocating posture. It has a large load rate, can drive straight left and right, and has no gap in the transmission system, and the fitness movement is stable. Metallurgical industry mining, aerospace fields have been widely used.