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Major Parameters of Hydraulic Cylinders

1. The working pressure of hydraulic cylinders

Working pressure is the gas pressure of hydraulic oil efficiency on the total gas-liquid area. Computing method: p=F/A, which is that the load on the piston rod divides the total area of the reasonable working range of the piston rod.

From the formula above, we can see that the creation of hydraulic cylinder working pressure depends on the existence of load, whether it is a mini hydraulic cylinder or a normal one . For the total area of the same piston rod's reasonable operating range, the greater the load, the greater the working pressure necessary to get rid of the load.

2. Total flow rate of hydraulic cylinder

The total flow rate is the volume of hydraulic oil according to the reasonable section of hydraulic cylinder liner in unit time. Computing method: Q=V/t=vA. "V" represents the hydraulic volume of hydraulic oil consumed by the hydraulic cylinder piston rod in a stroke arrangement; "t" represents the time required by a hydraulic cylinder piston rod in a stroke arrangement; "v" represents the speed of the hydraulic cylinder; "A" represents the total area of the piston rod in reasonable operation.

3. Piston stroke of hydraulic cylinder

Piston stroke refers to the distance between the two sides of the piston rod during its repeated movement. Generally, after reaching the hydraulic cylinder reliability requirements, according to the specific work schedule, choose one of the two standard schedules.

4. The movement rate of the piston rod of a hydraulic cylinder

The movement rate is the spacing of the piston rod movement promoted by the hydraulic oil under the working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder in unit time, which can be presented as v=Q/A.

5. Specifications and models of hydraulic cylinders

Specifications and models mainly include the inner and outer diameters of cylinder liners, diameter of the piston rod, hydraulic cylinder diameter, and cylinder head specifications. According to the hydraulic cylinder application's natural environment, installation mode, the required push resistance, and its schedule, this specification makes measurement, design, and proofreading.