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Industry leaders in a variety of demanding markets continue to choose Walker Forge as a full-service partner for forged components delivered ready for duty in all sorts of heavy machinery.

While the longevity of our customer relationships speaks for itself – the majority of our relationships date back over 20 years or more – our industry expertise combined with our commitment to quality work and a great value, all the time, is what keeps customers coming back.

When it comes to making very large parts, with the level of skilled people and processes we provide, there' s no doubting the quality and accountability that comes with working with Superior Die Set. As a professional forging parts manufacturer, It has allowed us to continually serve sophisticated industries with highly critical applications where there’s no room for error.

Forged Metal Products

What is Metal Forging?

Forging is one of the two main components of forging (forging and stamping). Forging parts manufacturer uses forging machinery to exert pressure on the metal billet to produce plastic deformation so as to obtain a certain mechanical properties, shape and size of forged products.

Advantages of Custom Forging

Integrity of parts  

  • Directional strength  

By mechanically deforming the hot metal forging under strictly controlled conditions, forging produces predictable and uniform grain sizes and flow characteristics.   

  • Structural strength  

Custom forging provides a level of structural integrity that no other metalworking process can match. Hot forged parts eliminates internal voids and cavities that weaken metal parts. Custom metal forgings provides excellent chemical uniformity through segregation of dispersed alloys or nonmetals. 

  • Impact strength  

Parts can also be forged to meet almost any stress, load or impact requirement. Proper orientation of grain flow ensures maximum impact strength and fatigue resistance.  

Flexibility of parts  

  • Different sizes  

For the largest ingots, the weight of open-die forging parts can range from one pound to more than 400,000 pounds. In addition to the commonly purchased open-die parts, forgings are often specified for sturdiness in place of rolled bars or castings, or parts that are too large to be produced by any other metalworking method.  

  • Different shapes  

Shape design has a wide range of functions, from simple bar, shaft and ring configurations to special shapes. These include multiple O.D./ I.D. Hollow, single hub and double hub, they are close to closed die configurations and produce unique custom shapes by combining forging with secondary machining (such as torch cutting, sawing and machining).  

  •  Metallurgical specification   

Metallurgical properties can be greatly changed by alloy selection, part configuration, thermal machining and post hot mental forging process.  

Quantity and prototype options  

Almost all open die forgings and rolled ring forgings are custom-made and can be purchased as one, a dozen or hundreds of parts, depending on your needs. Another benefit is the ability to provide single piece or small batch open mold prototypes. In addition, the high costs and long lead times associated with closed molds and installation are eliminated.  

Difference between Forging and Casting 

  • The mechanical properties of forged mental products are stronger than those of castings of the same material. Compared with mental castings, the micro-structure and mechanical properties of metal can be improved after forging. Due to metal forging process and recrystallization, casting organization after forging method of thermal deformation make original bulky dendrite and columnar grain to grain is fine and uniform axial recrystallization organization.

  • Forging processing can ensure that the continuity of metal fiber organization is much better than those of castings. The fiber organization of the forged mental products and the shape of the forgings are consistent and the metal streamline is complete, which can ensure that the parts have good mechanical properties and long service life.