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BM2 Hydraulic Spool Valve Motor

What is BM2 Hydraulic Spool Valve Motor?

BM2 motor is a spool valve type motor.

Characteristic Features of BM2 Hydraulic Spool Valve Motor:

1, lt adapt the gerolor design. Combination efficiency is better than BM1 motor.
2, Credible design for shaft seal, which can bear high pressure and be used in parallel    or in series.
3, Direction of shaft rotation and speed can be controlled easily and smoothly.
4, Best combination of efficiency and economy in medium duly application.

BM2 Hydraulic Spool Valve Motor

Product Description

Quick Details


Hydraulic Motor


BM2 hydraulic motor

Place of Origin

China (Mainland)

Brand Name





Ductile Iron

max  torque(N*m)


Surface treatment

Spray Painting


8~17.5 MPa

Max cont Flow




Oil tempreture


Operational Precautions of BM2 Hydraulic Spool Valve Motor:

(1) Check all components of the hydraulic system correctly before operation, and add oil to the specified height through the filter.
(2) Start the operation for 10 to 15 minutes without load, and perform exhausting, foam in the fuel tank, noise in the system, and stagnant motor cylinders to prove that there is air in the system.
(3) After removing the air, fill up the fuel tank, and then gradually increase the load to the motor until the maximum load, observe whether there are abnormal phenomena, such as noise, oil rise and oil leakage.
(4) Replace the oil by running for 50 hours, and replace it according to the maintenance rules.
(5) If it is not a motor failure, please do not disassemble it easily.


Specifications of BM2 Hydraulic Spool Valve Motor:

BM2 Hydraulic Motor Mounting Dimensions:

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