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BM6 High Pressure Motor

What is BM6 High Pressure Motor?

BM6 hydraulic motor is a face-end flow, pressure-compensated motor, mainly composed of output shaft, front cover, bearing, long linkage shaft, bearing housing, stator and rotor pair, valve disc, small linkage shaft, distribution plate and preloading spring.  This hydraulic motor features low speed and high torque. The motor has a six-toothed cycloidal rotor, which is installed in the middle of the stator and meshes with the stators of the seven arc teeth to form seven sealed spaces; 12 holes on the distribution plate, 6 of which are combined with the oil. The mouth is connected, and the other six are connected to the back (in) port. The seven holes auxiliary distribution plates on the valve disc form a seven volume chamber with the cycloidal rotor.

Characteristic Features of BM6 High Pressure Motor:

BM6 is a large volume, disc valve, high pressure motor, with ball-bearings design, and can bear big load, and has higher torque than BM5. Advanced design in disc distribution flow, which can provide improved performance at low speed. The valve can automatically compensate for the wear, so the volumetric efficiency is high. Double taper roller bearings permit high radial loads. The motors can be used on heavier vehicles in traction drive applications

BM6 High Pressure Motor

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Hydraulic Motor


BM6 hydraulic motor

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China (Mainland)

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Ductile Iron

max  torque(N*m)


Surface treatment

Spray Painting


12~20.5 MPa

Max cont Flow




Oil temperature


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