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Hydraulic Cylinder Forgings

Hydraulic Cylinder Forgings

Hydraulic cylinder is a lot of hydraulic cylinder parts that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and performs straight-to-turn motion (or swing motion) in forging process. It is simple in structure and reliable in forging operations. When using it to achieve reciprocating motion, it can eliminate the deceleration device, and there is no transmission gap, smooth movement, so it is widely used in various mechanical hydraulic systems.

The hydraulic cylinder parts, as the hydraulic cylinder accessories, are very widely used on hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder tube, cylinder end cap, bottom, piston rod, eye rod are all forged to withstand very high loading.

What are the Parts of Hydraulic Cylinder Accessories

The hydraulic cylinder is basically composed of a cylinder and the hydraulic cylinder part head, piston and piston rod, sealing device, buffer device and exhaust device. Buffer device and exhaust device depending on the specific application, other devices of hydraulic cylinder accessories are essential.  

Hydraulic cylinder components forged in metal are the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, do linear reciprocating motion (or swing motion) of the hydraulic cylinder parts. It is simple in structure and reliable in forging operations. When it is used to realize reciprocating motion, the reducer can be removed, and there is no transmission clearance and the movement is smooth. Thus it is widely used in various mechanical hydraulic systems. The output force of the hydraulic cylinder accessories is proportional to the effective area of the piston and the pressure difference on both sides.

How to Buy Hydraulic Cylinder Parts 

What factors need to be considered in the selection of the hydraulic cylinder components: for the selection of the hydraulic cylinder parts on the mold, we generally choose the hydraulic cylinder in the forging process of selecting the hydraulic cylinder in accordance with the following ways to choose the hydraulic cylinder accessories: piston rod diameter, cylinder diameter, stroke, use pressure, installation type.  


In fact, in addition to these, the following points of choosing hydraulic cylinder parts are worth our attention.

  • First of all, when the hydraulic cylinder load reaches a certain speed above a standard, it is necessary to use the hydraulic cylinder accessories with a buffer device. Or to reach a higher speed must be installed outside the hydraulic cylinder, deceleration valve.

  • The second suggestion on hydraulic cylinder components selection is the caution of hydraulic oil and oil seal. Different hydraulic oil drops with different materials of oil seal, in order to ensure the life of the hydraulic cylinder.


The Advantages of Hydraulic Cylinder Components

1. Various hydraulic cylinder components transmission can be conveniently and flexibly arranged according to needs.  

2.Light weight, small volume, small movement inertia, fast response.  

3.Hydraulic cylinder parts can achieve a wide range of stepless speed regulation (speed range up to 2000:1) and they are convenient controlled .   

4.Hydraulic cylinder accessories can automatically achieve overload protection.   

5. Mineral oil is generally used as the working medium in forging process, which can be lubricated by itself relative to the moving surface and has long service life.  

6.Hydraulic cylinder components are easy to achieve linear motion.  

7. It is easy to realize the automation of the machine. Hydraulic cylinder parts can not only achieve a higher degree of automatic control process, but also realize the remote control.  

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