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Hydraulic Steering Control Units

Hydraulic Steering Control Units

The hydraulic steering gear is a hydraulic power steering type between the steering wheel and the steering mechanism, which does not need to be connected by a connecting rod. It has the advantages of light and flexible operation, simple structure, low price, convenient installation and arrangement of the whole machine.

We are a hydraulic steering control unit manufacturer in China, our HSCU product main included BZZ1 series, BZZ5 series, TLF amplifier assembly coaxial flow diverter, TLF Type Coaxial Flow Amplifying Steering Units, B-type diverter, 101 series, 101s series, we provide OEM service. The full hydraulic steering gear produced by our hydraulic steering system factory is usually used for the hydraulic steering control units of non-road wheeled moving vehicles with a speed of≤ 60 km/h. Full hydraulic steering system has many advantages such as light operation, flexible steering and convenient installation and installation. The hydraulic steering gear system consists of a hydraulic steering gear, hydraulic pump and hydraulic cylinder to realize the power steering of the vehicle. Our products of hydraulic steering control units are widely used in wheeled excavators, loaders, road rollers, forklifts, large and medium horsepower tractors and combine harvesters.

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