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Reasons for the Destruction of Hydraulic Seals of Hydraulic Cylinders and How to Prevent Them

Hydraulic cylinders are mainly used in areas where long-term support points are required to lift objects. It can still be used for lifting objects when the steam pressure is removed, and can be trusted.

It can be used in water, single effect, load shrinkage, nut locking to make the load safer, especially in large and medium-sized projects, suitable for real-time control and locking hydraulic jacks, the design has safety pressure maintaining custom metal forgings equipment, built-in unloading pressure valve, which avoids the load, to maintain the locking hydraulic jack for safe practical operation.

Ⅰ. What are the reasons for the destruction of hydraulic cylinder hydraulic seals?

1. Not familiar with the structure;

2. Dust and residue environmental pollution;

3. The impact of external force;

4. Low product scrap rate;

5. The orientation of the equipment is incorrect;

Ⅱ. How to prevent the hydraulic cylinder hydraulic seal from being damaged?

1. It is stipulated that the equipment staff must master the structure of the hydraulic cylinder.

2. Make full use of your strengths as far as possible before and after dismantling to avoid the hydraulic cylinder being polluted by floating dust and residual environment. After disassembly, all parts should be covered with plastic film.

3. Ensure that the gear oil hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil filter element is clean, clear and crystalline.

4. The hydraulic cylinder is in the same boat, the surface is lubricated, and there is no large rust or black spot.

5. Ensure that the custom forged parts hydraulic cylinder hydraulic seals are up to standard, and all kinds of valid certificates are complete.

6. When installing Y-type and V-type sealing rings, pay attention to the orientation of the equipment to avoid oil leakage due to reverse installation. For the Y-type sealing ring, its lip solves the oil cavity with working pressure. In addition, the Y-type and V-type sealing rings should also pay attention to the difference between the shaft and the hole, and it is not necessary to install them in reverse.

7. When installing the O-ring, it is not necessary to drag it to the level of permanent deformation, and it is not necessary to trim the suit; the key or the ring connected by the key in the device should use common tools.

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