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Root cause analysis of irregular action and damage of hydraulic cylinder

Ⅰ. What should I do if the hydraulic cylinder moves irregularly?

Hydraulic cylinder is a hydraulic machine implementing component that converts hydraulic function into mechanical kinetic energy and performs repeated parallel motions. It is simple in construction and reliable in operation. When using it to complete repeated movements, it can eliminate the need for deceleration equipment, and there is no gap in the transmission system, and the fitness movement is stable, so it is widely used in the hydraulic transmission system of various mechanical equipment. What should we do if the hydraulic cylinder moves irregularly?

1. It may be that the hydraulic oil pipeline is doped with gas. It is necessary to find the position where the gas has penetrated, and then clean and inspect, reinstall and replace the components.

2. The hydraulic cylinder is seriously worn and needs to be repaired or replaced.

3. The commutation of the relay is irregular, and part of the heating furnace must be checked.

4. The magnifier of hydraulic servo motor and proportional solenoid valve fails or is poorly adjusted.

Ⅱ. The root cause of hydraulic cylinders often damaged

The reasons for the destruction of hydraulic cylinders are caused by various factors. When analyzing the reasons, we must analyze the actual situation. Let us introduce the reasons why hydraulic cylinders are often damaged.

1. In the case of application of today's spare parts, it is immediately carried out to carry out the fitness exercise of the hydraulic machine, that is, the current parallel line reciprocating fitness exercise, so the requirements for wear resistance are relatively high, if the production In the case of manufacturing spare parts, manufacturers are not very concerned about wear resistance, so there is no way to carry out long-term applications.

2. Th reason for the design scheme level. The structure and specifications of the equipment at the beginning of the design plan are unscientific, for example, the height-width ratio of the flange ring is too large or too small, etc., and there are also problems caused by the production and processing of the hydraulic cylinder.

3. Some errors in the installation of the hydraulic cylinder.

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