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Some Details About Hydraulic Cylinder That You Are Not Familiar with

Ⅰ. Precautions for hydraulic cylinder selection: 

In addition to the above basic model data, the selection of hydraulic cylinders also requires the following two precautions:

1. When the operating speed of the hydraulic cylinder is above a certain standard after being loaded, a hydraulic cylinder with a buffer device must be selected. Or when reaching a higher speed, a reduction valve must be installed outside the hydraulic cylinder.

2. Select hydraulic oil and oil seal carefully. Different hydraulic oils are suitable for oil seals of different materials to ensure the life of the hydraulic cylinder.

If individual users need ultra-high pressure hydraulic cylinders (210kgf/cm square (21MPa)), they can also call for consultation. Our company will also customize such ultra-high pressure hydraulic cylinders for you.

Ⅱ. Material selection of hydraulic cylinder:

Hebei Golden-hammer forgings co., ltd attaches great importance to the selection of hydraulic cylinder materials. In addition to complying with national standards and regulations, the processing technology of hydraulic cylinders is strictly controlled. For example, the machining dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerances of hydraulic cylinder parts are based on accumulated years of research and development technology and experience, strict requirements.

Therefore, the hydraulic cylinder produced by our company has the advantages of low friction, long life and zero leakage. The steel pipe used in the hydraulic cylinder is made of carbon steel for mechanical structure. After seamless cold drawing, the inner diameter is processed by high-precision inclined cross boring. The inner diameter tolerance is H7~H9, and the surface roughness is 0.8s~3s. The strength is more than 52kgf/cm square. The piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is made of carbon steel for mechanical structure. After the outer diameter is ground and hard-plated, the outer diameter tolerance is F7~F8, and the surface hardness is above HV700. The surface roughness is 0.8s~1.6s, and the thickness of the hard smelt is 20um.

Ⅲ. Processing technology of hydraulic cylinder:

The oil seal of the hydraulic cylinder uses imported high-grade refined products, which are resistant to oil, corrosion, abrasion and pressure. All spare parts are precisely processed by CNC lathes and CNC milling machines, with dimensional tolerances in line with JSI standards, good interchangeability, long life, and conducive to regular maintenance of hydraulic cylinders.

Gulei Trading Co., Ltd. will provide you with safe, reliable, efficient and high-quality non-standard hydraulic cylinder products. Welcome to consult.