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Technical Specification for Maintenance of Hydraulic Cylinder

Output force of the hydraulic cylinder is positively correlated with the reasonable total area of the piston rod and pressure difference on both sides; The hydraulic power cylinder is mostly composed of cylinder liner and cylinder head, piston rod and hydraulic cylinder, sealing equipment, buffer equipment, hydraulic cylinder motor and air-water separator. The use of buffer equipment and gas-water separator depends on the actual application site, and other equipment is indispensable. So, what are the technical specifications for the maintenance and repair of hydraulic power cylinders?


1. The hydraulic cylinder accurately adopts the filter cloth of the filter press, that is, it is necessary to weigh the clearance of the leachate and comprehensively consider the legal effect. It is necessary to clean the filter cloth of the filter press once after each daily task is completed, so that there is no sediment left on the nylon cloth. The filter cloth of the filter press shall be hard bottomed. If it is damaged, it shall be repaired or replaced immediately.

2. Reflect on the protruding surface of the filter plate of the filter press of the hydraulic power cylinder and remove the sediment on the protruding surface to prevent slurry running and fluid leakage during daily tasks. Pay attention to protecting the protruding surface without impact. It is better to stand when it is idle, which can improve the deformation.

3. The hydraulic cylinder shall grasp the electrical management system. In case of continuous common faults, first disconnect the switching power supply, shut down and repair or replace the components and components, and correct and new forklift tires. Regularly measure the dielectric strength and energy of electrical appliances.

4. After a month of application of new custom made hydraulic cylinders equipment, the oil shall be changed and the automobile oil tank shall be completely cleaned. After that, clean the vehicle oil tank once every six months and replace the gear oil in the vehicle oil tank. The gear oil shall meet the requirements. The oil level is located above the management center of the level gauge line.

5. If common faults or leaks continue to appear in the hydraulic cylinder, replace the O-ring seal and combined washer after installation.

6. The temperature of the filtered feed fluid of the hydraulic power cylinder is lower than the additional temperature, and some are lower than 100℃. The feed fluid shall not be mixed with dirt and upright objects that are easy to block the feed inlet, so as to prevent damaging the filter cloth of the filter press.

7. Gate valves such as feed liquid and cleaning water of hydraulic cylinder shall be opened and closed according to the actual operation sequence, and mutual use shall be avoided.

8. After the daily task of the hydraulic power cylinder is completed, the residual material liquid in the channel shall be discharged immediately and as far as possible.

9. Keep the hydraulic cylinder equipment and the surrounding natural environment clean and tidy. Immediately remove the residual leachate and anaerobic granular sludge on the equipment.

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