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The Difference Between Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder and Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Ⅰ. Classification of hydraulic power cylinders

The hydraulic power cylinders can be classified into single acting hydraulic power cylinders and double acting hydraulic cylinders according to the way of power action.

Ⅱ. What is a double acting hydraulic cylinder

The double acting hydraulic cylinder refers to the input of pressure oil from the upper and lower ends of the cylinder piston to make the cylinder achieve telescopic action. The hydraulic system is used as the oil return device, and the hydraulic oil is used as the actuator. The hydraulic oil converts the liquid pressure into rapid and controllable linear motion to drive the load.

Ⅲ. The difference between double acting hydraulic cylinders and single acting hydraulic power cylinders

The single acting hydraulic power cylinder means that the movement in one direction is realized by oil pressure, and the return depends on the external force such as dead weight or spring. Only one end of the two chambers of this cylinder has oil, and the other end is in contact with air.

A double acting hydraulic cylinder means that both chambers have oil, and the movements in both directions must be realized by oil pressure.

When selecting a double acting hydraulic cylinder, its working pressure is determined according to the thickness of the cylinder diameter. For special specifications, please contact us. The standard double acting hydraulic cylinder has no buffering device. If the working speed of the hydraulic power cylinder is above 6-10M/min, please consider using a buffering device.

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