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The Inspection Requirements of the Appearance of the Hydraulic Cylinder and the Solution to the High Oil Temperature

Most of the hydraulic cylinders are composed of cylinder liners and cylinder heads, piston rods and hydraulic cylinders, sealing equipment, buffer equipment and gas-water separators. Cache equipment and gas-water separator depend on the actual application place, and other equipment is indispensable.

Ⅰ. What are the inspection requirements for the appearance of hydraulic cylinders?

1. The outer surface of the hydraulic cylinder should not have any defects such as expansion and contraction and significant wavy lines, cracks, burrs, knocks, scratches, rust, etc.

2. Anti-corrosion measures should be selected for the exposed surface layer, such as coating, passivation treatment layer, paint film, etc. The coating should be free of defects such as cracks, peeling or cavitation; the surface layer should be rust-proofed or descaled before painting, and there should be no rust pits.

3. When the hydraulic cylinder is painted, it is necessary to wipe the anticorrosive paint first, and then paint. The coating should be well-proportioned, consistent in color and smooth. Do not apply putty before painting.

Ⅱ. The solution to the high oil temperature of the hydraulic cylinder

1. Manufacture automobile fuel tanks of suitable size, and refit the cooling tower under certain conditions. If the surrounding working temperature is too high, the management system will be isolated from the outside. Strictly control the temperature of the management system within the range of 20-60℃, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70℃.

2. When the oil temperature of the hydraulic cylinder is too high, when the gear oil overflows from the speed control valve back to the car tank for a long time, the overall planning should be improved, and a variable plunger pump or a good pressure relief method should be used.

3. The pipeline should be reduced to fit, not suitable for excessive bending, long and thin, and the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder should run smoothly.

4. The hydraulic oil pump and the hydraulic cylinder cap where it is easy to leak should be improved, and the connecting piece should be kept fixed to prevent the loss of capacity and hotness.

5. When the adjustment value of the pressure reducing valve is slightly higher, reduce the working pressure to reduce excess dynamic energy loss.

6. The gear oil used when the oil temperature of the hydraulic cylinder is too high should have a suitable viscosity.