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The Main Factors Affecting the Hydraulic Cylinder and the Inspection of Residual Crack Damage and the Extension of Service Life

Ⅰ. What are the major influences on hydraulic cylinder?

1. Hydraulic oil cleanliness system software. The hydraulic oil's cleanliness poses a significant risk to the hydraulic cylinder. For example, if the oil cleanliness is not perfect or does not satisfy the requirements of hydraulic cylinder, all components of the hydraulic power cylinder system, as well as the pipeline composition, will suffer more serious damage.

2. Hydraulic machine impact and vibration. The function of the elements and pipework, as well as the material characteristics of these dangers, will be suffered by the hydraulic cylinder in operation, and therefore with the hydraulic machine impact and vibration. The impact and vibration of hydraulic power cylinder, on the other hand, are very simple, causing the connection between the components and the pipeline to loosen, causing the machine and equipment pipeline to be destroyed, resulting in gear oil leakage.

3. In general, the work of our large hydraulic cylinders for sale output power is more detrimental when the temperature is too high or too low. The physics and physical properties of the substance will be altered if the temperature of the hydraulic cylinder is too high or too low, resulting in a reduction in the viscosity of the working material and maybe an increase in the probability of leaking.

Ⅱ. The consequences of poor hydraulic cylinder hydraulic oil choosing

It is confirmed that the hydraulic oil is not selected properly based on the level of oxidation and metamorphosis of the residual fluid in the transmission. The hydraulic oil in the hydraulic power cylinder plays the role of energy transfer while also acting as a smooth, cooling agent. If the hydraulic oil is not selected properly, it will indirectly affect the quality of the hydraulic system tasks. The actual confirmation is that oxidation of hydraulic oil causes 80% of hydraulic system failure. Hydraulic system with hydraulic cylinder motor, variable speed pump, control valve, smooth valve, and other valve components are required to have a very fine clearance. Some components with resistance holes, control valve holes, smooth oil holes, and task oil pressure inlet, etc., once the hydraulic oil oxidation metamorphosis or mixed with a small amount of impuritized oil.

Ⅲ. How to extend the service life of hydraulic cylinder?

1. To avoid the need for rust treatment

Because the piston rod part of the hydraulic cylinder's operating state is to extend the hydraulic cylinder such as excavator hydraulic cylinder, it will, of course, suffer from metal oxides and acidic gas corrosion. So we should coat it with appropriate vegetable grease to carry out maintenance, to prevent corrosion of the piston rod as a load-bearing component and work that is likely to cause fractures.

2. To take out the box in order to change the oil

Long-term use will inevitably introduce dirt into the hydraulic power cylinder, causing friction to increase the situation. Furthermore, gear oil has a specific time of use, and long-term oil will not prevent hydraulic power cylinder damage or corrosion.