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The Use and Maintenance of Hydraulic Cylinders

Today we summed up the use and maintenance of the hydraulic cylinder. Let's have a look.

1. The oil viscosity in hydraulic cylinders application is 29~74mm2/S, whether they are industrial hydraulic cylinder or a normal one.

2. Hydraulic cylinder specified system software overthinking precision should be not less than 80 μm. We should strictly control hydraulic oil environmental pollution, maintain the cleaning of hydraulic oil, maintain hydraulic oil cleaning, regularly maintain hydraulic oil characteristics, carefully filter, and remove and replace the new working hydraulic fluid.

3. When installing, make sure that the position of the connecting head on the top of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder should be consistent with the position of the cylinder head and earring, and ensure that the whole piston rod in the whole process of the parallel, avoiding the situation of rigid interference or unnecessary damage.

4. When the hydraulic cylinder is installed on the server, in the experiment, we should check whether there is the oil seepage at the part of oil hole through the pipe and guiding sleeve. Then, we should solve earring and center hinge shaft rolling bearing position oil.

5. If the hydraulic cylinder should be disassembled because of oil seepage and other common faults, the working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder is used to move the piston rod to a tail part of the cylinder sleeve. When disassembling, we should try our best to reduce unsuitable knocks or sudden bursts.

6. Before disassembling, the hydraulic cylinder's governor valve should be loosened. The working pressure of the hydraulic press control loop should be reduced to zero. Then, we should disconnect the switching power supply to terminate the hydraulic control valve operation. After loosening the oil hole and threading the pipe, plug the oil hole with the oil plug.

7. Hydraulic cylinder can not be used for motor grounding device, or the electric shock may damage the hydraulic cylinders.