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Two Common Types of Forging Machines

Forging hammers used in forging machines are very similar to press machines (especially forging machines) in terms of processing performance. However, the reaction force produced by the forging hammer during processing is not borne by the lathe, but by the mechanical foundation, which is fundamentally different from the press machine. There are two main types of forging machines.

1. Radial Forging Machine

Radial forging machine is a machine for forging shaft parts along the diameter direction. It is a special device for radial forging process. It belongs to one of the advanced forging device s with little or no cutting. Since the emergence of radial forging machine in 1950s, it has been recognized and vigorously developed by production enterprises because of its advantages of high forging efficiency, high automation, saving forging materials, good forging quality, simple tooling and strong applicability.

In the radial forging machine, several hammers (2, 3 or more) are evenly distributed in the plane perpendicular to the forging axis. The power of the motor is transmitted to the hammer head (forging die) through the transmission device, eccentric shaft, connecting rod and slider mechanism. Hammers forge blanks at a very high frequency (the number of hammers multiplied by the forging times per minute) to complete the corresponding process.

2. Rotary Forging Machine

Rotary forging machine is also called crank-rocker radial forging machine. Its motor drives the eccentric shaft 7 of the double crutch to rotate, forcing the levers 1 on both sides to reciprocate and pushing the rocker 3 to swing, so that the hammer head 5 fixed on the rocker makes radial forging movement.

This forging machine can be designed to be fully automatic or semi-automatic. The mold can be divided into two molds, three molds or four molds. It can be used for hot forging and cold forging of solid forgings or pipe parts. It can hot forge solid steel bars with a diameter of 305mm and pipes with an outer diameter of 584mm and a wall thickness of 102mm.