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Two Types of Brass Forging Process

1. Closed Die Forging of Brass Forging Process

Closed die forging, also known as die forging, uses two or more dies made according to the desired shape of parts. Heat brass until it becomes malleable or plastic, and then compress it by die machine. Some stamping machines are capable of producing over 5500 pounds (2,500 kilograms) to manufacture forged parts.

Through this brass forging process, brass parts can obtain higher density, more uniform grain flow and higher strength. In this process, brass parts can also be bent on one or more planes. Closed die brass forging is more expensive than brass casting, but it can produce very durable forged products.

2. Open Die Forging of Brass Forging Process

In open die forging, heated and malleable brass is not confined to the die. Instead, it is done by two flat mold surfaces without indentation. This type of brass forging is usually used for manufacturing and forming large brass parts, with a maximum weight of over 80,000 pounds (36,363 kilograms). This brass forging process is usually used for small batch production and customized brass forging on larger parts.

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