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What Are the Main Methods for Correct Disassembly of Hydraulic Cylinders?

Ⅰ. Precautions for disassembling hydraulic power cylinder

1. In order to better avoid bending or deformation of slender parts such as hydraulic cylinders, use cushion blocks to support the balance. When disassembling the hydraulic cylinder, avoid damaging the external thread of the top of the hydraulic cylinder, the external thread of the oil hole, the surface of the hydraulic cylinder, and the inner cavity of the cylinder liner.

2. The disassembly and assembly of hydraulic power cylinders should be carried out in order. Because the structure and size of various hydraulic cylinders are different, the order of disassembly and assembly is also slightly different. Generally, the hydraulic oil in the second cavity of the hydraulic power cylinder should be drained, and then the cylinder head should be disassembled, and the piston rod and hydraulic cylinder should be disassembled.

3. Before and after disassembling the hydraulic power cylinder, try every means to make use of its strengths to prevent the parts of the hydraulic cylinder from being polluted by the surrounding dust and residue.

4. After the hydraulic cylinder is disassembled and assembled, check carefully to determine what parts can be used again, what hydraulic cylinder parts can be used after repair, and what parts can be replaced.

Ⅱ. Precautions for installing hydraulic power cylinders

1. Carefully clean up the parts before installing the hydraulic cylinder.

2. When downloading the hydraulic cylinder to the host, add a sealing ring to the middle of the oil inlet and outlet connector and tighten it to prevent oil leakage.

3. After the hydraulic cylinder is installed as required, it should carry out several repeated exercises under the bottom pressure condition to clear the main cylinder gas.

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