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What Are the Reasons for the Wrong Operation of the Hydraulic Cylinder or the Failure of the Posture?

Hydraulic cylinders provide reliable and economical hydraulic cylinder solutions for major industrial production applications such as metallurgical industry, construction machinery and equipment, lifting and transportation, mining, casting, ships, forging, CNC lathes, chemical plants, etc. The testing standards and office environment regulations are adopted, and the service life is longer. So, what are the reasons for the wrong operation and posture failure of the hydraulic cylinder? Let's take a look together.

1. The spool of the hydraulic cylinder is stuck or the valve hole is blocked

When the spool of the flow valve or the azimuth valve is stuck or the valve hole is blocked, the large hydraulic cylinders for sale is prone to wrong operation or posture failure. At this time, it is necessary to check the environmental pollution of the hydraulic oil; check whether the dirt or collagen fiber precipitation jams the valve core or block the valve hole; check the wear condition of the oil circuit board.

2. The hydraulic cylinder and cylinder liner are stuck or the hydraulic cylinder is blocked

At this time, no matter how you control it, the hydraulic cylinder does not have a posture or posture is very small. At this time, it should be checked whether the tightness of the piston rod and its hydraulic cylinder is too tight, whether it has entered dirt and collagen fiber precipitation; whether the pivot axis of the hydraulic cylinder such as the forklift hydraulic cylinder and the cylinder liner is aligned, and whether the spare parts and hydraulic seals are invalid.

3. The working pressure of the hydraulic control system of the hydraulic cylinder is too low

The frictional resistance of the throttle valve in the control pipeline is likely to be too large, the flow valve is not adjusted properly, the control working pressure is not suitable, and the bad mood is affected. At this time, you should check and manipulate bad emotions to ensure that the work pressure is adjusted to the standard value of the system software.

4. Gas enters into the hydraulic transmission system of the hydraulic cylinder

Mainly because there are leaks in the system software. At this time, you should check the level gauge of the hydraulic oil filter element, the hydraulic seal and the tee joint on the oil removal side of the hydraulic oil pump, and whether the oil removal coarse filter is dirty. If it is, the gear oil should be filled, the tightness and the tee joint should be solved, and the coarse filter element should be cleaned or replaced.

5. The original posture of the hydraulic cylinder is slow

Under the condition of low temperature, the viscosity of gear oil is relatively large, and the circulation is poor, which causes the posture of the hydraulic cylinder to be sluggish. The improvement method is to replace and replace the gear oil with better viscosity-temperature characteristics. At ultra-low temperature, the electric heater can be used or the equipment itself can be used to heat up the water temperature for startup.

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