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What Are the Technical Characteristics of Forging Machine?

What is forging machine and what are its technical characteristics?

What is forging machine? A forging machine is a machine that uses methods such as hammering to make a metal material in a plastic state into a workpiece with a certain shape and size, and to change its physical properties. The forging hammer for forging in the forging machine is very similar in processing performance to the press machine (especially the forging press), but as the former forging hammer, the reaction force generated by its processing is not borne by the bed, but by the basis of the machine command. This point is fundamentally different from the latter press.

The forging machine is an important equipment in the custom metal forgings, and its kinematic analysis is the basis for realizing the motion control of the manipulator. Reasonable use of forging manipulators can not only improve the quality of the products, but also increase the economic benefits of the products.

The technical characteristics of the forging machine:

1. It adopts full hydraulic transmission, high integrated valve block and large flow diameter, so that the system pressure loss is small;

2. High sealing performance, using imported sealing elements;

3. The oil temperature is well controlled, and the ingenious and unique oil circuit design truly makes the hydraulic system in the best condition, and it can be easily competent even when working under long-term heavy load conditions;

4. The motion system of forging machines such as the brass forging machine adopts the combination of cycloid gear motor and involute reducer, which perfectly realizes the infinitely variable walking of the cart and the rotation of the platform;

5. The special clamping mechanism is equipped with accumulator pressure compensation to make the clamping powerful and stable.