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What is the Difference Between Drop Forged Steel and Cast Steel?

Although drop forged steel and cast steel are both a kind of steel, their differences are still very big, and they cannot be replaced in many parts processing. Today we will learn about the difference between drop forged steel and cast steel and what is the cutting process of forged steel parts. Let's take a look together.

1. What is the difference between drop forged steel and cast steel?

1) Forging process

Drop forged steel refers to various forging materials and forgings produced by forging methods; cast steel is the steel used for casting castings.

2) Purpose

Drop forged steel is often used in the manufacture of some important machine parts; cast steel is mainly used to manufacture some parts with complex shapes, which are difficult to forge or cut, but require high strength and plasticity.

3) Performance

Drop forged steel can withstand large impact forces, and its plasticity, toughness and other mechanical properties are also higher than those of steel castings; cast steel materials have many impurities, brittle materials, poor strength, large internal stress, and loose internal organization.

2. What is the cutting process of forged steel parts?

The cutting process of forged steel parts is actually a chip formation process. A typical cutting process is that the metal being cut is elastically deformed by the extrusion of the tool.

With the cutting of the tool, the stress and strain gradually increase. When the shear stress reaches the yield strength of the material, start to produce plastic deformation - slip. The tool continues to cut in, when the shear stress reaches the tensile strength of the material, the metal layer is squeezed and cracked after shear slip to form chips.

In fact, these three stages of the cutting process of forged steel parts are not fully displayed due to different conditions such as processing materials. For example, when processing brittle materials of forging steel, the cut layer will form chips and leave the base metal soon after elastic deformation, and the slip stage of steel with good processing plasticity is particularly obvious.

Due to the different processes of chip formation in forged steel parts, the shape of the chips is also different.

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