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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to in the Installation of Hydraulic Cylinders?

Ⅰ. The common problems of installing hydraulic cylinders

1. Pay attention to the main parameters

When installing a hydraulic cylinder with stable quality, it is necessary to carefully compare the main parameters on the custom metal forgings hydraulic cylinder identification plate with the main parameters at the time of ordering. Only by comparing these main parameters can it be further clarified which hydraulic cylinder you want to buy.

2. Pay attention to the surrounding environment

When installing the hydraulic cylinder, it is also necessary to ensure that the surrounding environment is clean and pollution-free, and the sealing of the hydraulic cylinder must be perfect. In addition, the pipeline of the hydraulic cylinder and the fuel tank of the car should be cleaned immediately to avoid falling dust and other dirt in the hydraulic cylinder.

3. Pay attention to the bending stiffness of the base

In order to further fully play its role and function, it is necessary to ensure that the base has a sufficient height-to-width ratio under the installation condition, otherwise the steel cylinder will become bowed and tilted up when it is pressurized, which will make the hydraulic pressure. The cylinder bends and jeopardizes all normal use.

4. Pay attention to flatness and parallelism

When installing a multifunctional hydraulic machine light, you should pay attention to the flatness and parallelism of the hydraulic cylinder and the slide rail to ensure that the error is within the effective range. If there is friction in the total length of the hydraulic cylinder busbar, you need to repair the bottom edge of the support frame or the CNC lathe The fundamentals, to do this to achieve the relevant provisions.

If the side busway is rubbed, the small fixed screw of the excavator hydraulic cylinders for sale can be loosened and the precision positioning lock can be pulled out, and then the precision of the other side busway can be calibrated.

Ⅱ. Installation method of hydraulic cylinder sealing ring

1. In order to better prevent oil leakage due to distortion. When installing the O-ring, it is not necessary to drag it to the level of permanent deformation, and it is not necessary to turn the suit over.

2. The V-shaped sealing ring is composed of a support ring, a sealing ring and a pressure ring with different shapes. When the pressure ring clamps the sealing ring, the support ring can make the sealing ring V-shaped and play a sealing effect. The opening of the ring faces the working pressure oil chamber; when adjusting the pressure ring, it should be limited to no oil leakage, and it should not be pressed too tightly to prevent the sealing frictional resistance from being too large.

3. If the sealing equipment cooperates with the drag surface, it should be coated with appropriate gear oil during installation.

4. After disassembly and assembly, the O-ring and dust-proof ring should be replaced with new ones.

5. When the large hydraulic cylinders for sale is connected to the main engine, be sure to add a sealing ring in the middle of the connection head of the oil inlet and outlet and tighten it well to prevent oil leakage.