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What Should Be Paid Attention to when Assembling Hydraulic Cylinder?

1. Pay attention to protecting the tightness of the hydraulic power cylinder

How to maintain the lip of the hydraulic cylinder sealing ring is very important. If the inner cavity of the hydraulic cylinder liner has a discharge hole or an oil inlet, check and remove the burrs on the guiding spherical surface on both sides of the hole to prevent the hydraulic seal from being damaged during the installation process.

Check the relative surface layer of the hydraulic cylinder seal ring that touches or rubs. If there is a scar, it must be ground and adjusted. Otherwise, even if the hydraulic seal is replaced with a new one, the leakage of gear oil will not be avoided.

2. The hydraulic power cylinder should be fully lubricated

Use lubricating grease with good temperature resistance and oxidation resistance. In the whole process of disassembly and assembly of the hydraulic power cylinder, first use cleaning oil or car gasoline to clean each part, then use air compression to dry, and then brush some lubricating grease on the inner surface of the dry cylinder and the sealing ring.

The hydraulic cylinder should not be installed in the anti-sealing position, and the sealing performance is specific. For Y-shaped, V-shaped and other sealing rings, it is generally pressed against the lip side of the sealing ring. If it is an O-ring, there is no specificity, but there must be a protective ring behind the O-ring. When the front side of the O-ring is stressed, the rear protective ring O-ring deforms and is squeezed and twisted.

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