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What Should I Do if the Hydraulic Cylinder Leaks and Discolors?

Ⅰ. What are the general situations of hydraulic cylinder leakage?

1. Oil seepage between the surface of the hydraulic cylinder and the relative speed of the guide sleeve. If our large hydraulic cylinders for sale moves repeatedly under the premise of no oil leakage, the surface of the hydraulic cylinder and the middle of the hydraulic seal will be in dry friction, which will aggravate the damage of the hydraulic seal and greatly shorten its service life.

2. Oil seepage between the cylinder liner and the outer seal of the guide sleeve. The sealing between the cylinder liner and the guide suite is the packing seal, which is likely to cause oil leakage: the quality of the sealing ring is not good; the reduction of the sealing ring is not enough; the sealing ring is scratched or damaged; the quality of the cylinder liner and the surface of the sealing groove of the guide liner are not smooth.

3. Oil seepage caused by defects in the hydraulic cylinder block and the mutual matching parts. If there is a defect in the cooperation of the hydraulic cylinder such as the forklift hydraulic cylinder with it, it will slowly expand under the effect of the working pressure pulse or shock vibration of the hydraulic transmission system, resulting in oil leakage.

4. The cylinder head and the end are fixed and cooperate with each other for oil seepage between the surfaces. Oil seepage occurs when the 0-type sealing rings on the mating surfaces are invalid or insufficient in reduction, aging, damage, insufficient precision, poor production and processing quality, irregular products, or repeated use.

Ⅱ. What should I do if the hydraulic cylinder is discolored?

1. There is a high temperature condition in the hydraulic transmission system. The piston rod of the hydraulic oil cylinder often touches the ultra-low temperature natural environment under high temperature conditions (especially in the face of severe cold) during work (the temperature drops sharply in an instant).

2. During the maintenance cycle time, the gear oil that is not specially used for excavators of this well-known brand is replaced. In this situation, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder will fade within a few days after the finished oil is replaced.

3. Due to the uneven temperature control in the whole process of the electroplating process of the piston rod of the hydraulic oil cylinder, cracks appear on the surface of the electroplating process layer in the middle and later stages of the work. Using a high magnification and high magnification magnifying glass to observe the surface layer of the piston rod of the hydraulic oil cylinder can see irregular fine cracks. Generally, the gear oil temperature is too high, and this is mostly caused by the upper half of the bucket hydraulic cylinder that is used more. If it is not handled properly, it will endanger all normal applications, and the hydraulic cylinder will not work.

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