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What the Required Forgings will be Popular with Customers

Forging is a very wide range of forgings, forgings plus have good processing performance, in the actual application of no other porous, no other blemishes, so there is a good appearance guarantee, forging soldering through the metal blanks to forge deformation and obtained workpieces or blanks. The forging operations and principles can be used by applying pressure to create a shape deformation. Forgings according to the temperature of the blanks in the processing, can be divided into cold forging temperature forging and hot forging. Cold forging is generally processed at room temperature, and hot forging is processed at a recrystallization temperature higher than that of metal blanks.

Here's how to introduce what the required forgings will be popular with customers:

First, high intensity

When the forging is processed, it has a high demand for accuracy, can not have any defects, with forging processing process method smanufactures this shaft-type parts, its strength and weight has a relatively high ratio, its strong

The degree is very high, which is a good way to ensure that shaft parts can resist long-term friction in long-term applications.

Second, the appearance of beautiful

Well received and respected shaft forgings, must have sufficient quality and appearance, so this requires the shaft parts also have the characteristics of a beautiful appearance, in the processing link, but also to its surface treatment, on the one hand, in order to improve its performance, on the other hand, in order to improve the appearance of its exquisite.

Three, the physical properties are good

Forgings are made of plastic deformation, which is made of plastic deformation, and it builds a very fine particle structure in the process of forging, so the physical properties of the forgings are greatly improved so that they have excellent physical properties in practical application.