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Which Markets Need Aluminum Forged Products?

1. Aluminium forged products are getting more and more attention.

Aluminium forged products are widely used in the usual market and get more and more attention because of a series of advantages of forging such as small specific gravity, high specific strength and high specific stiffness. Therefore, which markets are in great demand of aluminum forged products?

2. Market demand of aluminum forged products.

(1) Aviation (aircraft) Forgings

Forgings on an aircraft account for about 70% of the aircraft weight, such as landing gear, frame, ribs, starter components, moving rings and fixed rings, etc.

There are thousands of forgings used in an aircraft. Most of them have been aluminized except a few high temperature parts using high temperature alloy and titanium alloy.

(2) Aerospace Forgings

Forgings on spacecraft are mainly forging rings, rims, spars and bases, etc. Most of them are aluminum forged products. Only a few titanium forgings are needed. With the development of spaceships, rockets, missiles and satellites, the demand for aluminum forged products is increasing day by day.

(3) Weapon Industry

The number of aluminum forgings used as load-bearing parts in conventional weapons such as tanks, armored vehicles, personnel carriers, chariots, rockets, gun racks and warships has greatly increased. Aluminum forgings have completely replaced steel forgings. In particular, important forgings such as heavy wheels of aluminum tanks have become important materials for lightening and modernizing weapons and equipment.

(4) Automobile Industry

Automobile industry is the most promising metal forge industry for aluminum forgings. It is also the largest user of aluminum forged products. According to statistics, in the past few years, the annual growth rate of the use of aluminum wheels in the world has reached more than 20%. The current use amount has reached billions.

(5) Energy and Power Industry

Aluminum forged products will gradually replace some steel forgings to manufacture racks, guard rings, moving rings and fixed rings, coal transportation wheels, liquefied natural gas flanges, nuclear power plant fuel racks, etc., which are generally large and medium-sized forgings.

(6) Ships and Naval Vessels

Aluminum forged products are used as frame, moving ring, fixed ring, battery rack, etc.

(7) Machinery Manufacturing Industry

At present, it is mainly used to manufacture frames, sliders, connecting rods and spools in woodworking machinery, textile machinery, etc. Only spools for textile machines are forged by aluminum.

(8) Mold Industry

Aluminum forgings are used to manufacture rubber molds, shoe molds and other light industrial molds.

(9) Transportation Machinery, Train and Locomotive Industry

Aluminum forgings are widely used as skirts for cylinders and pistons.

(10) Other Aspects

For example, electronic communication, household appliances, cultural and sports equipment, etc. also began to use aluminum forged products instead of steel, copper and other forgings.